This year we are putting more spectacular into our spectacular! Trust us, this will be a show like you have never seen before!

Bookings for our 2019 show can be made online NOW and by phone on 01328878477

2020 tickets will be online only from 09:30 16th December 2019


An extravaganza of non-stop singing, dancing, music, humour and variety. It’s a fast moving celebration of the festive season featuring an eclectic mix of both seasonal and year round favourites. With a cast of 120 this is the biggest Christmas show of it’s kind in Europe! 

Our 2018 Christmas Spectacular show was our biggest year yet so please make sure you book up early for this years Christmas Spectacular.

The booking office is open Monday-Friday  from 9.00am -4.00pm on 01328 878477.

Our 2019 show will run from 6th November – 23rd December 2019 2.00pm & 7.00pm. We are happy to announce that all seat prices have been frozen for 2019.


Thursford’s Christmas Spectacular has attracted over 5.7 million visitors to date and is the largest Christmas show in the country.

It is set in the magical surroundings of mechanical organs and fairground carousels, with a cast of 120 professional singers, dancers and musicians – most of whom are straight out the West End. The three hour performance delivers an extravaganza of non-stop singing, dancing, music, humour and variety. It’s a fast moving celebration of the festive season featuring an eclectic mix of both seasonal and year-round favourites, with famous and much-loved chart toppers being performed alongside traditional carols. Please note the finale of the show includes a fly over of white doves across the auditorium. 

Word of this amazing show has spread and it is now generally recognised as being the largest show of its kind in the country, if not Europe. Up to fifty coaches per day travel from all over the country and many of our patrons have visited year on year, turning the trip into a mini holiday staying in the county’s hotels, guest houses and holiday cottages.

Bookings for the 2019 Christmas Spectacular have been on sale since the 17th December 2018 online and by phone. Book soon!

2019 shows will run from 6th November – 23rd December 2019.

Click here to view seating plan.

For group bookings of over 20 who would like to use our deposit scheme can do so now online and my phone.

Telephone bookings take on 01328878477.

To book tickets for 2019 click here

How to book online? Click here

Please note we do not provide wheelchairs for our events.

Parties of 20 or more people are able to reserve their own tickets online. A non-transferable, non-refundable £1.00 deposit per ticket reserved will be required at time of booking and any other relevant charges applicable to the booking. (Please see below instructions on how to book).

Our deposit scheme is available online and my phone.

We accept telephone bookings on 01328878477, the box office is open 9am – 4pm. We will no longer be issuing booking forms or accepting written applications.

At time of booking essential carers are entitled to 30% off tickets subject to availability. Please note this can only be done by calling the booking office and must provide proof of eligibility.

Please note wheelchairs and companion seat can only be booked through the booking office on 01328 878 477.

Please take the time to read the terms and conditions below’ which apply to the 2018 Christmas Spectacular Show.

We have an advisory age limit of 8 years old for children. Children aged 4 years and under will not be permitted into the auditorium.

2019 Christmas Spectacular Terms and Conditions

Thursford deposit instructions.

2019 Payment Reminder Schedule for Party Bookings of 20+ Persons


Thank you for booking with Thursford.  Please find below a schedule showing the payment due date for ticket reservations. Please ensure payment arrives with us by the due date as no further reminders will be issued and tickets will automatically cancel.  Please make cheques payable to ‘THURSFORD COLLECTION’ and write the booking reference on the reverse.  If payment has already been made please ignore this reminder and accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Concert Date Payment Due Date Concert Date Payment Due Date
06 Nov 11 Sept 01 Dec 06 Oct
07 Nov 12 Sept 02 Dec 07 Oct
08 Nov 13 Sept 03 Dec 08 Oct
09 Nov 14 Sept 04 Dec 09 Oct
10 Nov 15 Sept 05 Dec 10 Oct
11 Nov 16 Sept 06 Dec 11 Oct
12 Nov 17 Sept 07 Dec 12 Oct
13 Nov 18 Sept 08 Dec 13 Oct
14 Nov 19 Sept 09 Dec 14 Oct
15 Nov 20 Sept 10 Dec 15 Oct
16 Nov 21 Sept 11 Dec 16 Oct
17 Nov 22 Sept 12 Dec 17 Oct
18 Nov 23 Sept 13 Dec 18 Oct
19 Nov 24 Sept 14 Dec 19 Oct
20 Nov 25 Sept 15 Dec 20 Oct
21 Nov 26 Sept 16 Dec 21 Oct
22 Nov 27 Sept 17 Dec 22 Oct
23 Nov 28 Sept 18 Dec 23 Oct
24 Nov 29 Sept 19 Dec 24 Oct
25 Nov 30 Sept 20 Dec 25 Oct
26 Nov   01 Oct 21 Dec 26 Oct
27 Nov   02 Oct 22 Dec 27 Oct
28 Nov   03 Oct 23 Dec 28 Oct
29 Nov   04 Oct
30 Nov   05 Oct


If you have any queries or require any advertising material i.e. pictures, flyers etc, please email or contact the booking office on 01328 878477 and we will be happy to assist you.


All prices frozen for 2019

6th November – 23rd December 2019 2.00pm & 7.00pm






£45.00 (Party rate £43.50)
£45.00 (Party rate £43.50)
£41.00 (Party rate £39.50)
£38.00 (Party rate £36.50)


£47.00 (Party rate £45.50)
£47.00 (Party rate £45.50)
£43.00 (Party rate £41.50)
£40.00 (Party rate £41.50)


£43.00 (Party rate £41.50)
£43.00 (Party rate £41.50)
£40.00 (Party rate £39.50)
£37.00 (Party rate £35.50)

Tickets are subject to an additional £1.50 postage charge
per transaction where applicable.

** Tickets on the 22nd & 23rd December 2019 are in the weekend afternoon price bracket **

Please note once tickets are purchased they are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We are happy to announce that we are going to freeze all our prices for 2019!

Please access the downloadable PDF below to view our seating plan for the 2019 Christmas Spectacular.

* Please note all seats have some kind of obstructed views *

Booking is essential!

Click here for the New Seating Plan for the Christmas Spectacular 2019


*** All seats are standard size ***

Are you easy to find?

We are well sign posted. If you are using a form of GPS, then please use our postcode to find us (NR21 0AS).


What time can I access the site?

On Christmas Spectacular days the site will be open 12 noon.


Are there parking facilities on site?

There is a large free car park on site. We have car park attendants to assist you on the day.


What time does the car park gates open?

On spectacular days the car park gates will be open from 11.30am.


Do you have disabled parking?

We have limited disabled parking spaces available. Please show your Blue Badge to the car park attendants and they will direct you to the best available parking space.


How far is the car park away from the venue?

The car park is located on site and depending on which end you get parked it’s roughly a 5 to 10 minute walk.


How long does it take for the car park to clear?

It takes roughly 30 minutes for the car park to fully clear.


If I use a walking aid/mobility scooter/wheelchair can I bring it with me?

You are very welcome to bring these with you, but if you need to remain in your wheelchair you will need to book a wheelchair space at time of booking.  If you can transfer into a seat, please ask an Usher to show you where the wheelchair can be stored during the performance.


Do you have wheelchairs on site that we can hire?

Unfortunately, we do not have any wheelchairs for hire.


Does my Christmas Spectacular ticket entitle me to enter the Fantasyland building?

No, your ticket entitles you for entrance to the show only. On days where the Fantasyland building is open (see calendar) to show goers you can pay £5 for admission when you show your show ticket.


What days is the Fantasyland building open to show goers?

Please click here or If you check the paperwork with your tickets, you should have received a chart specifying which days you can enter (Blue and Yellow days only) and which days you can’t (Red days). If you do not have this, it can be found on our website here……. Or please call the booking office on 01328 878477 and the office staff will be able to advise you.


Are there any age restrictions for the spectacular?

Yes, there are. We have an advisory age limit of 8 years old for the show, due to the longevity and content. Children aged 4 and under will not be permitted into the auditorium.


What should I wear for the Christmas spectacular?

Come as you see fit. The performance takes place in a fixed building which has plenty of heating. However, you may like to bring a coat for the walk to and from the car park.


How long is the performance?

The performance is 3 hours.


Is there an interval?

Yes, the 3 hour performance includes a 25 minute interval.


What time does the performances start and end?

The afternoon show starts at 2pm and finishes at 5pm the evening show starts at 7pm and finishes at 10pm


What are the best seats?

Our best seats are our deluxe seating and our centre raised seating. However, these sell out quickly so make sure to book early!


Are there any obstructed views?

There are columns and pillars dotted throughout the auditorium in front of row M – XB and MM – TT. However, you should have a good view from anywhere in the auditorium.


When do people start booking tickets?

Our tickets go on sale in late December for the following year.


How do you book tickets?

You can either book online or by calling the office direct 01328 878477. Check our booking information for dates and times when booking will be available.


Can I book a coach through you?

No, you can only get a ticket from us. If you are looking for a coach trip you will need to search for coach companies in your local area selling Thursford Christmas Spectacular tickets.


Can you provide me with a coach company I can use or provide me with my ticket information from a coach company?

No unfortunately we cannot. Please remember that the coach companies are our customers and we cannot give out any customer information. If you have want to book with a coach company, you will need to contact them direct for more information.


How do I log onto my web account?

Because we use a third-party ticket service provider, to be able to log into your account you need to select the option to ‘book’ again. This will bring you to the page where you can then log in and access your account and previous bookings.


I haven’t received my tickets?

No worries. Please give yourself an extra 10 minutes on the day to come and see us at the booking office on site. You will need to bring your confirmation email and a form of ID (driver’s license or passport) and we will be able to print them off again for you.


I’ve lost my tickets. What should I do?

No worries. Please give yourself an extra 10 minutes on the day to come and see us at the booking office on site. If you provide us with your confirmation email and a form of ID (driver’s license or passport) we will be able to print them off again for you. However, we will make a reprint charge of £1 per ticket which has to be reprinted.

Do you do a DVD of your show I can buy?

We are very sorry, but we do not have a DVD of the show.


What else is on site?

We have the Garden Pavilion restaurant, Barn café, Carousel tea bar, Licensed bar and 5 gift shops on site. All of which you can access with or without a ticket during our opening hours.


Can we book a table in your restaurant?

We do not take any bookings for our restaurant or café. Both are on a first-come first-served basis.


How likely are we to be able to get something to eat on site?

Very likely. Although our facilities are not bookable we are used to a high turnover. As 95% of our guests are working to a timed ticket we find that they tend to move along quickly so that they can get to the shops also before the performance starts.


I’m gluten free. Do you have anything suitable?

We have a range of gluten free treats and meals available.


Can I take interval drinks to my seats?

Yes of course you are more than welcome to.


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes, you can. However please keep in mind that you will not be able to sit at any of our tables. If you wish to bring your own food and drink on site, this will need to be consumed in your seats in the auditorium. Strictly no alcohol is to be brought on site.


Can I see the steam engines?

We will have some of them on display. However, many of the steam engines are moved into storage as the museum is transformed into the auditorium where the show takes place.


Are strobe lights used during the performance?

As each year’s performance varies please call the office on 01328 878477 to check.


Do you offer a carer discount?

We offer a 30% discount for essential carers. Please call the office on 01328 878477 for further information.


I’m bringing my family; can we do both the show and Santa’s Magical Journey on the same day?

Yes, you can, subject to availability. We advise you to call the booking office on 01328 878477 to book tickets in this case. Please be aware that tickets for Santa’s Magical Journey do not go on sale until later in the year (usually during May).

Christmas Spectacular tickets do not include entrance to the Santa’s Magical Journey building. Please see the link below or call the booking office on 01328 878477 for information.


Click here to view the special opening times for Christmas Spectacular customers to visit Santa’s Magical Journey 2019

Please click the link to view our terms and conditions

2019 terms and conditions






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