Christmas Spectacular 2023 Booking Terms & Conditions




Venue” means Thursford Collection, Thursford, Fakenham, Norfolk, NR21 0AS

Event” means an event to be held at the Venue.

Management” means Thursford Collection.

Promoter” means Thursford Enterprises.

Terms and Conditions” means these terms and conditions.

You” means you as the holder of the Ticket and “Your” shall be read accordingly.

Ticket” means any ticket for You to attend an Event.


All Tickets are sold subject to these Terms and Conditions. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to purchase and raise any queries with the Management prior to purchase. Purchase of any Ticket constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Ticket: Only valid ‘Thursford’ tickets accepted, these are 6” x 3”, white with ‘Thursford’ logo across the centre. No person is admitted to the auditorium without a valid ticket. You must retain this Ticket on Your person at all times during the Event. Your Ticket may be invalidated if any part of it is removed, altered, or defaced.  All tickets, prices, concession and discounts are subject to availability and can be changed and/or withdrawn at any time, without prior notice. Only one concession or discount can be applied per ticket purchased and cannot be applied retrospectively.

Children: Children under the age of five years old will not under any circumstances be admitted to the show. In addition, we have an advisory age limit of 8 years old for children as in our opinion the show is not suitable for children under this age. We would also like to point out that the show may contain adult content that patrons under 16 years old may find offensive.
All children require their own Ticket and should be able to sit in a seat. The Ticket is the full Ticket price as there are no child concessions. Children aged 15 or under will not be allowed entry to the Event unless they are supervised for the duration of the Event by a parent or carer. Supervision of such children shall be by no less than 1 adult per 10 children.
The Management and Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission and will require the parent/carer to remove any child in their care if, in the opinion of the Management and Promoter, they are causing a disturbance to other patrons.


Upon purchase, please check Tickets carefully as mistakes cannot always be rectified after purchase.

Sale prices may increase or decrease at any time based on demand. You will not be entitled to a refund if at anytime the sales price for the same price category is less than the price you paid.

Fees: All bookings will incur a non-refundable/non-exchangeable £2.00 transaction fee.

Refunds and exchanges: All tickets/deposits and fees are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. In the event of cancellation by Thursford, if less than half the performance has taken place, the face value of the tickets will be refunded to the lead booker via the original payment method.

Lost, stolen, destroyed tickets: The Management and Promoter will not be responsible for any Ticket that is lost, stolen or destroyed. We do not send out duplicate tickets, you will be required to get your tickets reprinted (see ‘Ticket reprints’) on the day of the Event.

Ticket reprints: At the discretion of Management, a charge of £1.00 per ticket will be made for all tickets which have to be reprinted/replaced.

Internet bookings: Tickets for parties of less than 20 people must be paid for in full at time of booking by debit or credit card, plus any fees applicable.

Group/party bookings: For group bookings of 20 or more people, we have a group deposit scheme. There is a non-refundable/non-transferrable deposit of £2.00 per ticket required to confirm your booking. The remaining balance is due no later than eight weeks prior to the performance date and final payment plus any fees applicable can be made by BACs, Cheques, Debit or Credit card. If the performance is less than 8 weeks from the booking date then full payment plus any fees applicable must be made at the time of booking.  If paying by cheque, please make payable to ‘THURSFORD COLLECTION’ and write the booking reference, show time and date on the reverse. If paying by any other method, please make sure the booking reference is included so that the payment can be identified. Please allow up to 4 weeks for tickets to be processed and sent out. Please note, tickets for multiple dates booked under one reference number will not be sent out until the payment for the last date has been received. As a thank you, group bookings whose payments are received by the due date stated, will be issued a £10.00 gift voucher to use in our shops/food area; please keep this safe as we cannot issue replacements (cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to subsequent years). Our company accepts no responsibility for the cancelling of tickets if payment has not been received by the due date, Group booking organisers and their staff must make sure customers are seated together or are made aware if this is not the case, any seat transfers resulting from a failure to ensure customers are not seated together will be charged back to the organiser.

Carer Tickets: Essential carers are eligible for a discounted carer ticket; eligibility criteria applies. Proof of concession entitlement (for example PIPs/DLA at the higher or enhanced mobility rate, Carers/Attendance Allowance letter, full details are provided via the Box Office, our Access Statement & FAQs) will be required. These terms are only applied to tickets purchased directly with Thursford through the Box Office and so that we can be assured that the facility is only offered to those who need it. The eligibility criteria may change without prior notice. If you have booked through a sub agent, please refer to their terms and conditions.

Wheelchair users: We have limited wheelchair space and we must be made aware of those wishing to remain in their wheelchairs at the time of original booking. Wheelchair spaces can only be booked through the Box Office. Patrons who wish to remain in their wheelchairs must have a ticket that is allocated to a wheelchair space as shown on the seating plan on the Thursford website titled Seating Plan 2023. For your comfort and enjoyment, we would advise arrival at Thursford at least one hour before the start of the performance. Unfortunately, we cannot supply wheelchairs for these events.

Your seat: You only have the right to a seat of a value corresponding to that stated on the Ticket and the Promoter and the Management acting reasonably reserve the right to provide alternative seats to those specified on the Ticket.

Ownership or possession of a Ticket: Ownership or possession of a Ticket does not confer any rights (by implication or otherwise) on You to use, alter, copy, or otherwise deal with any of the symbols, trademarks, logos and/or intellectual property appearing on the Ticket.


The Management and the Promoter reserve the right to alter the advertised programme should this prove necessary.

It is Your responsibility to ascertain whether an Event has been cancelled or re-scheduled and the date and time of any re-scheduled Event. Where an Event is cancelled or re-scheduled, the Management will use its reasonable endeavours to notify You using the details You provided at the time of booking. The Management does not guarantee that You will be informed of such cancellation before the date of the Event. It is Your responsibility to inform the point of sale from where you bought the ticket of any change to the contact address, telephone number or email address You provided at the time of booking.

Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded unless the performance is cancelled or rescheduled. You will be entitled to claim a refund from the Management. The refund for Tickets equals the face value of the Tickets purchased plus the relevant per Ticket booking fee but excludes any transaction fees. However, if the performance has to be interrupted or abandoned, no money will be refunded if half or more of the show has taken place. Personal arrangements including travel, subsistence and accommodation relating to the Event which have been arranged by You are at Your own risk and the Management or Promoter shall not be liable for any loss of enjoyment or wasted expenditure beyond the Ticket price and relevant booking fee (excluding any transaction fees).

In order to claim Your refund, where an Event is cancelled, please apply in writing to the point of sale from where you bought the ticket, enclosing Your complete unused Tickets within 1 month from the date of the Event. Where an Event is rescheduled, You must apply in writing to your point of sale, enclosing Your complete unused Tickets in good time before the date of the rescheduled Event.  The Management and/or the point of sale will not make any refund if Tickets and/or the relevant notification are not received by the point of sale within the above timeframes. Refunds will only be made to the person who purchased the Tickets.


Tickets are personal revocable licences and shall at all times remain the property of the Management and subject to these Terms and Conditions.  If a Ticket is re-sold, transferred or advertised for profit or commercial gain by anyone other than the Management, Promoter, or an authorised sub-agent, it will be void and You will be refused entry to, or ejected from, the Venue without refund. You may not re-sell or transfer a Ticket if You are doing so in the course of business. You are deemed to be selling or transferring in the course of business if the Management reasonably believes that You are doing so. The Management may reasonably consider that a Ticket is being resold in the course of business including without limitation: if You frequently advertise or offer tickets for resale; or where the Management reasonably considers that a Ticket offered for resale has originally been purchased with the specific intention of offering it for resale for profit and with no intention of You attending the Event.  If You offer a Ticket for sale for profit on an authorised Ticket exchange before the Event the Management may consider it to be a business transaction by taking other factors into consideration, including, without limitation: the number of tickets being sold by You; any evidence that You or the person You bought the Ticket for cannot attend the Event for genuine reasons; and whether any third party business not authorised by the Management will benefit financially from the resale of the Ticket. Re-selling a Ticket for profit means any re-sale that seeks a price higher than the face value of the Ticket and the relevant booking and/or handling fee that You paid for the Ticket.


Tickets obtained in breach of these Terms and Conditions shall be null and void and the Management may refuse admission to or eject You from the Venue.

Void tickets: Any person seeking to use a void Ticket in order to gain or provide entry to an Event will be considered to be a trespasser and will be ejected and liable to legal action. Void Tickets are non-refundable.

Refusing entry: The Management reserves the right to refuse You entry to and/or eject You from the Event and/or Venue in reasonable circumstances including without limitation for health and safety or licensing reasons; if You behave in a manner which has or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other persons at the Event; if You use threatening, abusive or insulting words or mannerisms; if, in the Management’s reasonable opinion, You are acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs; if You fail, when required, to produce proof of identity or age; if You refuse to comply with the Management’s security searches; if You breach these Terms; or if Your Ticket is void.

Circumstances beyond our control: For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “Force Majeure” means any cause beyond Management’s control including, without limitation, act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, royal mourning, national mourning, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, third party injunction, national defence requirements, acts or regulations of national or local governments. The Management will not be liable to You for failure to perform any obligation under these Terms and Conditions to the extent that the failure is caused by or due to Force Majeure.

Loss or damage: You agree that the Management, its employees and agents will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person (including Yourself) or property however caused (including by the Management or its servants or agents): (a) in any circumstances where there is no breach of a legal duty of care owed by the Management or any of its servants or agents; (b) in circumstances where such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach (save for death or personal injury as a result of a breach of a legal duty of care owed by the Management, its servants or agents); or (c) to the extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from breach by You of any of these Terms and Conditions.

Admission & Attendance

Warning – Prolonged exposure to loud noise may cause damage to Your hearing. There are also bright flashing lights.

Following Instructions: You must comply with any and all instructions given to You by the Management and/or all Venue stewards and staff and with all Venue regulations. The Management reserves the right to restrict access to parts of the Venue.

Photography, recording and transmitting: The unauthorised use of equipment including but not limited to cameras, video recorders, mobile phones for photographing, recording or transmitting (by digital or other means) any audio, visual or audio-visual material within the Venue is strictly forbidden. Unauthorised recordings, tapes, films or similar items may be confiscated, deleted and destroyed by the Management or Promoter.  Any recording made of an Event in breach of these conditions shall belong to the Promoter and You agree to assign any and all rights in the recording to the Promoter.

Switching off devices: Mobile telephones, smart phones and messaging equipment must be switched off during the Event.

Filmed and recorded: Purchase of a ticket and attendance at this event means you consent to filming, photography and sound recording which may include you as a member of the audience and its use in commercial distribution without payment or copyright. This includes filming by the police or security staff which may be carried out for the security of customers.

Security searches and confiscation of prohibited items: The Management and Promoter reserves the right to conduct security searches and confiscate any item which in the opinion of the Management or Promoter may cause danger or disruption to other persons at the Event or is one of the items not permitted in the Venue as listed in these Terms and Conditions. You shall not bring all or any of the following into the Venue: bags larger than A4 size, smoking materials; laser pens; animals (except guide dogs); Your own food and drink; bottles, cans or glass containers; any item which the Management considers could be used as a weapon (including sharp or pointed objects such as knives); and illegal substances. The Management and Promoter shall be entitled to confiscate any merchandise purchased outside the Venue. Alcohol may not be brought into the Venue and when purchased on the premises may only be consumed in public bars and other authorised areas. Smoking within the Venue and in the whole complex is strictly prohibited. The Management and promoter reserve the right to eject any person found smoking within the Venue without refund. However, smokers can smoke in the ‘Smokers Den’ which is a designated smoking area, it is located near to the Entrance Kiosk. Electronic cigarettes cannot be smoked indoors but can be used in designated smoking areas.

Obstruction of gangways etc: The obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits, entrances or staircases, congregating in non-designated areas or seeking entry to stands or seats for which You do not hold a Ticket is strictly forbidden.

Sponsorship, promotional and marketing materials: You shall not bring into the Venue or display or distribute (whether for free or not) at the Event any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials.

Merchandise: Official merchandise is usually only available inside the Venue. The Management and Promoter does not accept any responsibility for the sale of merchandise (official or otherwise) in or outside the Venue. You should direct any queries relating to merchandise to the Promoter.

Lighting and sounds effects: If You have any special requirements or concerns about any special effects (for example lighting or sound effects) which may be featured at the Event, prior notice should be provided when ordering the Tickets.

First aiders: First aiders are on duty at all these events and are situated at the rear of the Main Auditorium.

Show times: The shows start promptly at 2.00pm and 7.00pm and are approximately three hours long including a twenty-five-minute interval.  The entrance doors are closed at 1.55pm and 6.55pm. Latecomers cannot be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

Entering or exiting auditorium when show is in progress: You may only leave and then re-enter the Venue during a performance at the discretion of the Management or Promoter. Otherwise there shall be no re-admissions or pass-outs of any kind. Every effort to admit latecomers will be made at a suitable break in the Event, but admission for such latecomers cannot always be guaranteed.

Opening times for shops and refreshments: Shops and refreshments areas are open from 12:00pm until 8:45pm, please note they will close at 3.45pm if there is only a matinee performance of the show.

Car parking: The car park is open from 11.30am daily with attendants to direct you to the best possible space. There is limited disabled car parking near the entrance to the complex. Please note there are no facilities on our car park. All vehicles parked at owners’ risk.

Access to our site: Coach drivers, party organisers, couriers and other members of the public without Tickets to our Event are allowed free access to food areas, shops and toilets.

The Thursford Collection (organs, engines, rides): Please note these are not available during the Christmas season. The ‘Collection’ closes in September.

Lost Property

You must not leave any bags or other items of personal property unattended in the Venue. Any personal possessions or other items (including without limitation clothing, wallets and mobile telephones), which are found in the Venue, shall be retained by the Venue for a period of 30 days following their discovery.  During this period, You may collect any item which belongs to You from the Venue.  You acknowledge that, upon collection, You may be asked to provide appropriate identification and/or proof of ownership.  If, upon the expiry of 30 days from the date of its discovery, any item has not been collected by You, the Management reserves the right to dispose of any such items as it sees fit without any further liability to You.  Where possible, any uncollected items will be donated to charity.

Contractual Terms

To the fullest extent permissible in law, the Management shall be entitled to assign all and any of its rights and obligations under these Terms and Conditions, provided that Your rights are not adversely affected.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the invalid or unenforceable provision shall be severed or amended in such a manner as to render the rest of the provision(s) and remainder of these Terms and Conditions valid or enforceable.

If the Management delays or fails to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions it shall not mean that the Management has waived its right to do so.

Any person, other than the Management or Promoter, who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions shall have no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of these Terms and Conditions.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions and no action taken by You or the Management under these Terms and Conditions shall create, or be deemed to create, a partnership, joint venture or establish a relationship of principal and agent or any other fiduciary relationship between You and the Management.

These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties in connection to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions and supersede any previous terms and conditions, agreement or arrangement between You and the Management relating to the subject matter of these Terms and Conditions.  However, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall purport to exclude liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. These Terms and Conditions cannot be varied or amended in any respect (unless agreed between You and the Management in writing).

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Queries or Complaints

If you have any queries or complaints regarding your purchase, contact us, by emailing [email protected] or via our ‘Contact Us’ form on our website. You will need to quote your name, booking reference, Event name and date and time of Event.

If before or during the Event You have a complaint in relation to the Event (including without limitation in relation to Your ability to view the Event), please contact Us or an usher promptly since complaints are very difficult to deal with after the Event.

Some complaints can take up to 28 days to resolve, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Should a dispute arise, we shall use our reasonable endeavours to consult or negotiate and attempt to reach a settlement satisfactory to you and us.

Thursford Collection

Laurel Farm





Charity Number – 272307


Thursford Enterprises

Laurel Farm





Limited company number – 01321878

Thursford Enterprises passes any profits to the charity, Thursford Collection


Please note these Terms and Conditions are subject to change


Published 12/12/2023


Gala Day Booking Terms & Conditions

ENTRY please download your ticket or screen shot the tickets including the bar code before you arrive as mobile phone coverage in our area is unreliable and you will not be able to enter without a valid and scannable bar code.

OPENING TIMES are 11am to 18:00 (6pm), last entry is at 17:00 (5pm)

TICKETS.  You must produce the valid eticket to gain access to the event. Only valid etickets accepted.

PRICES All tickets, prices and concessions are subject to availability and can be changed and/or withdrawn at any time, without prior notice. Only one concession can be applied per ticket purchased and cannot be applied retrospectively.

Management reserves the right to refuse entry

FEES AND CHARGES.  All bookings incur a non-refundable / non-exchangeable £1.50 transaction fee.

REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES.   In the event of cancellation by Thursford, the face value of the tickets will be refunded to the lead booker via the original payment method.

RIDES are subject to a charge and availability.

DOGS Only Assistance Dogs are permitted on site.

SMOKING The site is non-smoking except in the designated ‘Smokers Den’ which is located near to the Entrance Kiosk. The use of electronic cigarettes is not permitted indoors.

FIRST AIDERS are on duty please speak to a team member who will radio for a First Aider.

DIRECTIONS The Thursford complex is situated one mile off the A148 between Fakenham and Holt.  The turning off the A148 is at the junction near the Crawfish Inn Public House & Thai Restaurant. Please follow the brown and white signs to ‘Thursford Collection’.