What our visitors say

Read comments from previous visitors to our famous Christmas Spectacular show

WOW just WOW

“First time visit for us to the Christmas Spectacular but we have booked again for this year! A show on a massive scale with live dancers, singers, musicians, comedy and a magnificent compere! A show for all the family. An absolute spectacle. Highly recommended.”

Out of this world

“This is the first time I have arrived after dark and it is magical. Lights of all different colours lighting the whole area.
Our first stop was Fantasy Land. Which truly lived up to the name. Hundreds of animated animals, lots of colour, ice and decorations. Also old farm machinery all blending in. A show every half hour and of course the journey to the Grotto. Wonderful things to see every step of the way. The gifts to the children were worth the entrance fee. A quick snack and wonder around the beautiful gift shops before the Spectacular started. What a show. As good as anything you would see in London. Some 130 performers, music, dancing, juggling, Piper’s, comedian orchestra and lots more with of course the Mighty Wurlitzer. Two and a half hours slick entertainment for all ages. One wonderful night and a great run up to Christmas.”

This is not to be missed!

“We visited here on the evening of the 18th December to see the Christmas Spectacular. We had heard lots of reports about this place and they were all good. However none of them prepared us for the spectacle that greeted us from when we arrived through to seeing the show. WOW it is certainly a fantastic and magical place. The entrance in is superbly decorated and the shops are just wonderful. The theatre is amazing and we have never seen such a large stage. The show is fabulous and goes on for 3 hours with a 20 minute interval. The singing, dancing, comedy and musicians are magnificent. If you have never been here then it must certainly go on your wish list not to be missed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”


“People have raved for years about the Thursford Christmas Show and it’s always been a case of “only old people like this kind of stuff”, and to a certain extent it’s true. Teenage “banging” hipsters will think they have suddenly been transported to the West End in December at the Sunday Palladium. And shouldn’t they be grateful for that!
From the moment you pass Fakenham, the lasers in the night sky warn you that this is no Sunday newspapers horror story about cheap Winter Wonderland, but the promise of a magical experience you won’t forget. From trees wrapped in lights, to animatronic wolves, an old fashioned village for those still wanting that last minute present, to the actual show itself. It’s huge! There truly is no other way to describe it. It’s so big that a full blown fairground carousel fits neatly in one corner. The singing, dancing, instrument playing and comedy is straight out of London. The whole area is decorated like Santa’s grotto on Christmas Day and the fun doesn’t stop.
No wonder they come from all over the UK and many return every year. If you long for a bit of ‘old fashioned’ but never fuddy duddy entertainment, book now. We booked in March and it was nearly sold out. By 22nd December 2017 nearly 30,000 seats had been sold for 2018 and with a max seating capacity of c1500, you just know this year is going to he a cracker!”


“We thought the Christmas Spectacular was outstanding; the performance of all artists in the cast, the musical content, the choreography, and quality of costumes, particularly the masquerade sequence was comparable with any such production the West End.”

Another marvellous start to Christmas

“Another marvellous start to Christmas. Your beautiful dancers, so skilful, gracious and full of the energy of youth cannot fail to bring the joy that is part of Christmas: the supporting acts, the wonderfully moving choir; every member seems to have a voice of solo quality, especially when they sing among the audience. All this creates a memorable start to the Christmas season.”

The most wonderful show I have ever seen or am likely to see

“I sat with my mouth open most of the time, in awe of the professionalism, the settings, the costumes, the lights…. oooh, the lights! It was just magical and totally breath-taking! In fact, as I have told my friends, it’s the most wonderful show I have ever seen or am likely to see.”

Tin Soldiers

“All the dancers were superb, but special mention goes to the Toy Wooden Soldier routine because the soldiers were shot by the canon and fell back down in slow motion, one at a time. Being so close to the performers, we could see just how very skilfully they did this – it was by no means an easy task to do!”